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Image Credits

Favicon: calligraphy by Prof. Huang Mingli 黃明理 (NTNU), gift of the artist


Profile Portrait by Angelika Leuchter, courtesy of the photographer


Profile Page Background: Su Shi 蘇軾, “The Cold Food Observance” 寒食帖, Taipei Palace Museum. Public domain image


Black-and-White Portraits by Maurice Weiss. Courtesy of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Berlin.


Contemporary Porcelain Work “Leaf of Disobedience” 違荷 (2020), by Xue Lei 薛雷. Courtesy of the artist


Publication list porcelain works: Song porcelains in the Taipei Palace Museum collection. Public domain images


Publication pages background banner: “No Title” (2013), by Zhu Lan 朱嵐. Courtesy of the artist


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