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Edited Volumes

Guest Editor (with Jeremy Taylor). Special Issue “Elite Accommodation, Collaboration and Cultural Production in Japanese-Occupied China,” European Journal of East Asian Studies 19.2 (December 2020)

[Open Access]


Jeremy Taylor and Zhiyi Yang | Towards a New History of Elite Cultural Expression in Japanese-Occupied China

Zhiyi Yang | Thatched Cottage in a Fallen City: The Poetics and Sociology of Survival under the Occupation

Yi-hsuan Chiu | Esoteric Writing through Historical Allusions: Qu Xuanying’s Poetry under Japanese Occupation

Pedith Pui Chan | The Discourse of Guohua in Wartime Shanghai

Yidan Yuan | A Historian’s Ethical Duty: Chen Yuan’s ‘Illumination of the Subtle’ in Occupied Beiping



Guest Editor. Special Double Issue “Multivalent Lyric Classicism,” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, Part II, 12.3 (October 2018)


LAM Lap | Diversity in the Ci Society: Oushe in Republican Shanghai

Jon Eugene von Kowallis | Recontextualizing Lu Xun’s Early Thought and Poetics in the Journal Henan

Frederik H. Green | Haiku for China? Zhou Zuoren’s Search for Modern Chinese Poetics within Traditional Asian Verse

Kang‐I SUN CHANG | Shi Zhecun’s Wartime Poems: Yunnan, 1937-1940

Xiaofei TIAN | ‘Each Has Its Moment’: Nie Gannu and Modern Chinese Poetry

Zhiyi YANG and Dayong MA | Classicism 2.0, or the Poetry of Resistance [Link]

Guest Editor. Special Double Issue “Multivalent Lyric Classicism,” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, Part I, 12.2 (July 2018)


Zhiyi YANG | The Making of a Master Narrative and How to Break It– Introduction to the Double Special Issue ‘Multivalent Lyric Classicism’ [Link]

Richard John Lynn | Pursuit of the Modern While Preserving Tradition: The Japan Poems of Huang Zunxian

Jerry D. Schmidt | Li Ruqian, the Lu Xun of the Nineteenth Century

Nanxiu QIAN | Shen Queying: A Reform Martyr’s Widow or a Martyress of Her Own Causes?

Tsung‐Cheng LIN | The Poetic Transition and Modernity in Chen Sanli’s (1852−1937) Ancient‐Style Verse

SUN Zhimei | From Poetic Revolution to the Southern Society: The Birth of Classicist Poetry in Modern China

LIN Hsiang‐Ling | Lyricism, the Veneration of Feeling, and Narrative Techniques in the Poetry Talks of the Southern Society

FLSC 12.2
FLSC 9.4

Guest Editor. Special Issue “Back into Modernity,” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China 9.4 (December 2015)


“Frankfurt Consensus” [Link]

YANG Zhiyi | Introduction [Link]

Jerry D. Schmidt | The Field of Modern Lyric Classicism

Frederik H. Green | Painted in Oil, Composed in Ink: Late-Qing Ekphrastic Poetry and the Encounter with Western-Style Painting

YANG Zhiyi | The Modernity of the Ancient-Style Verse [Link]

Jon Eugene von Kowallis | Collisions of the Past with the Present: Translation, Texts, and History

ZHANG Hui | Feng Zhi’s Spiritual Transformation in the Mirror of Du Fu: A Dialogue between the Modern and the Traditional

Lam Lap | Tung Pok Chin: A Paper Son Poet in New York

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